Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Wesley Home for Youth

We are thrilled with the progress being made on getting the orphanage up and going. The Wesley Home for Youth still needs a few items for the kitchen and some bedding. Changes are being made as needed to get the home ready. The January Team will play a huge role in finishing things up and making it comfortable for the kids.

We have several possibilities for children who will live at the home. This is so exciting for our group! Having faces and names that we can pray for more specifically is encouraging. Often times we feel that progress isn't being made quickly enough, what is the hold-up?? But we can hold onto God's promises and know that He is in control of the progress, the set-backs and all the lives involved.

I will post soon with more updates and information on the children being brought in to the home.


Thursday, December 3, 2009


This is an informational blog regarding our short and long term missions to Cebu, Philippines. I hope that you will read on and realize why our hearts are there.

Where did we begin?

The mission began in 1998 when God lead my husband to Cebu, Philippines. He lived there, helped start a shelter for street children and shared Christ's love. His time there was cut short in 2000 after events involving kidnappings and dangerous militants. Although he was forced to leave the country, he left his heart there with the people in severe poverty and children dying of curable diseases.

Nine years later......In May/June 2009 God provided the opportunity for Dustin to lead a 12 member team from First United Methodist Church (I was blessed to be part of this team) to "his homeland" and we found much had changed. The shelter was no longer a shelter but due to many circumstances had become a Christian school which assists in skill training for teens with little education. Our hearts were thrilled with the opportunity that these young people are being given to learn livelihood skills.

At the same time our hearts were broken for the small children and families living in unimaginable conditions. Many completely naked, no shoes, scraps for food...sleeping, playing, living in the trash. The stench is indescribable. Our group was determined to make a difference. My husband was able to meet with the Vice-Mayor who was anxious to help his people. We have lots of the paperwork behind us and are well on our way to the opening of Wesley Home for Youth which will house, feed, educate and care for children currently living in the dumpsite and poverty.
God is truly blessing this mission and we are encouraged by the prayers and support of people all over our area.

What now?
Another team of 8 will be traveling back to Mandaue City, Cebu, Philippines in December/January 2010 to help continue the progress of the opening of the orphanage. Staff will be put in place, housing will be spruced up for the children and water systems will be installed so they can have clean water to drink.
Please keep our long and short term mission in your prayers. For more information regarding sponsoring a child, The Rescue Foundation or other ways to get involved please visit or