Friday, July 29, 2011


Gal 5:13-18
You, my brothers and sisters, were called to be free. But do not use your freedom to indulge the flesh; rather, serve one another humbly in love. For the entire law is fulfilled in keeping this one command: “Love your neighbor as yourself.” If you bite and devour each other, watch out or you will be destroyed by each other.

So I say, walk by the Spirit, and you will not gratify the desires of the flesh. For the flesh desires what is contrary to the Spirit, and the Spirit what is contrary to the flesh. They are in conflict with each other, so that you are not to do whatever you want. But if you are led by the Spirit, you are not under the law.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


A couple of weeks ago we unofficially introduced Robi (pronounced Ro-vee) to you.  When we arrived we had the chance to meet her for the first time. 

She is such a high-spirited little girl.  She loves to sing and perform.  She enjoyed mocking Dustin's Cebuano which was quite funny.

Robi and Melinda

When she came to Wesley she had very few things to bring with her.  The only shorts she had were the uniform shorts from her previous school.  We were able to get her some necessary items and stuff for school so she would be comfortable on her first day.  She was enrolled in school where the other children at Wesley attend and had her first day while we were there. 

Robi's 1st day of school

Robi has already learned the daily chores that she will be responsible for and is adjusting well.  Robi and Judy Ann have become buddies and have lots of fun together.

Robi and Judy Ann loved playing with Cathi's hair

Robi is in need of sponsors.  Please consider becoming a financial support for her.  She needs lots of love and we are happy she is now in a safe environment where she can be in a family atmosphere and will be supported.

Thankful, Sheryl

Monday, July 25, 2011

Pillowcase Dresses

Dresses being sorted at WHY

If you have followed this blog for any length of time you know that Project Pillowcase is near and dear to my heart. 

It was so exciting to take so many dresses with us.

We started by giving the girls at Wesley Home first choice of the dresses.  Some of them had only the clothes they were wearing when we arrived because they were new to WHY.  Some of the girls who had been there had only two outfits. 

Nemfa, our newest girl in WHY

It was difficult to get pictures at the church where we did the feeding and supply handout because despite efforts to keep things orderly, we were swarmed when the families saw that we were giving clothing and shoes.  The mothers get so excited to have new things for their children. 

Here are a few pictures of that event.

It was so exciting for me to have the opportunity to give the dresses that so many of you have sent.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

The dresses were also given out a few at a time to girls in need.

 when we met her at her home
Boo, in a new dress and shoes with her sister

Thankful, Sheryl

Other projects at WHY

As time allowed during our visit to Wesley Home for Youth the mission team worked together to complete several improvement projects.

The study room needed a bookshelf and a fresh coat of paint. 

The kids now have a less cluttered and more organized area to study. 

Educational charts were also added to help the younger students with their studies.

The office/entry room also got a fresh coat of paint and Emily added a special touch to the main wall.

Outside, a new basketball goal was made.

Thanks to everyone who pitched in to accomplish so much at Wesley!

More pics and review of the trip to come in the next few days.....

Friday, July 22, 2011

Project 1 - Playground

While we were in the Philippines we were able to spend some time fixing up and improving the home for the children.  One of our big projects was the playground.  Before we left most of the necessary funds were donated to complete the project. 

We primed and painted the swing set, monkey bars and see-saw.

Then soil and grass was added as a padding for the children.

Very soon after completion the children were enjoying the new playground! 

Thanks to Renee Ferguson for the vision and financial support of this special treat!

Monday, July 18, 2011


So we spent Saturday night worshipping and hanging out with the kids.  It was great to swim with them earlier in the day and end the night confirming their commitments to follow Christ.  On Sunday morning we started with breakfast with the kids.  During worship time we sung O Happy Day.  I preached about what Jesus said about Eternal life and connecting that to believers baptism.  At the end of the service Pastor Lemuel requested all who was interested in being baptized to stand at the front.  My wife (Sheryl) stood first.  She gave her testimony of her confusion when she was younger and now wanting to get baptized in the Philippines where her heart is. 

Next the youth from the orphanage gradually started to stand and walk up front.  Emily, Jeraluz, Ronnellio, Jolly and Michelle all stood stating that they wanted to participate in believers baptism.  My heart jumped for joy as the young and the old in the orphanage were bold enough to say that they wanted to be bold enough to have a believers baptism versus the traditional teachings in the country.  This act of faith is rarely observed and seen in the Philippines and I cannot express enough how amazing and encouraging it was to see them step forward.  Myself and pastor Lemuel then went out to the ocean to baptize the 6.  Pastor Lemuel was the one who baptized and I was standing on the other side to help hold/pick up the ones being baptized.  They one by one came down and their faces glowed as they came out of the water.  Symbolizing the death, burial and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ.  I was further excited because I did not know that Michelle and Jolly were believers yet.  It was so refreshing and amazing for all of us.

After the baptism we had our lunch and went back to the orphanage.  We rode about 4 hours in the back of a jeepney.  When we got back to the orphanage the team that was leaving that night (Cathi, Bev, Summer, Melinda and Gini) packed their belongings and started taking as many pictures as possible of the kids.  We then had our dinner and then our despidida.  The despidida is a time of reflection of the time spent, you say your goodbyes, you sing, present gifts, etc. etc.  The kids/staff danced a native dance for us.  They gave several words of thank yous for all that was completed/done and gave several gifts.  As the the despidida was endings, we had to start saying our goodbyes.  All of the team was crying as well as the kids as we were saying our farewells.  It was amazing to see how close we all had become in such a short period of time.  The kids had taught us so much and impacted our lives so much it was difficult to believe that the time is now over. 

Most of the team stated that they want to come back some day...and if they were not able to return they want to continue to be involved in the lives of the children that so impacted their lives.  What a beautiful picture.. of when we step out of our daily lives and routine...and we allow God to call us and lead us to areas of discomfort and unknown what He can and will do in and through us.  I am so thankful of what He has done in and through this mission team.  I am also VERY thankful for those who provided pillow cases, vitamins, clothing, books and contribute financially to make this all possible.  Hundreds heard the gospel, hundreds if not thousands were fed, hundreds were clothed, 5 were baptized, 5 were rescued out of their circumstances and are now at a safe Christian home.  In the coming weeks, my wife and I will share the stories of the 5.  you already know some of Robi and Boo.... but there is so much more.. and we look forward to sharing.



Sunday, July 17, 2011

Thursday, Friday, Saturday

So on Thursday we really weren’t sure what to expect. All we knew was the “barangay captain” near the area where the orphanage is, did research on identifying families of children who had extra needs. Many of these were nutritional, but others included financial and overall well-being.

When we arrived, there were already at least 100 children with their families waiting for us. Their eyes lit up as we unloaded the jeepney filled with juice, meals, clothes, toothbrushes and toothpaste. As we waited for the rest of the team, a young boy who was born without arms came up to us with his mother. He was unable to talk clearly but it was clear he wanted to share with us.

Finally, the mother told us that he wanted to dance for us. So, without arms..the boy began this beautiful dance from the Filipino culture that made everyone forget about the heat and the circumstances; and just enjoyed his expressions. It was truly an amazing experience. …

Soon after, the rest of the team arrived and we unpacked the rest of the items. I introduced the team and shared with the filled room (200 children identified plus their family members) the reason why we came from America to be with them. I shared with them about Christ’s love and that it is possible to have a personal relationship with Him. Pastor Lemuel followed this up with clarification in Cebuano, and a closing prayer. We then distributed the meals to the families. Their eyes lit up with anticipation as we gave them their meals. We proceeded to hand out toothbrushes and toothpaste. While this was being done, Melinda grabbed her electric razor and some scissors and started giving the children hair cuts. As she was doing this, the team started to distribute clothing. This is where it got crazy as everyone started pushing forward trying to get the best shoes and clothes for their family. The team got covered and swamped. The poverty and need of these families was really displayed as they hollered and pushed forward trying to get the attention of mission team members to give them clothing. As we started to run out of clothes, the crowd started to dwindle some as well. Unfortunately we simply did not have enough for everyone…but we rarely ever do; there is always a much greater need than there is supply.

At the end, the boy with no arms was able to get to the front. He was trying to tell me something, but again I was unable to understand. Finally his mom made her way to me and stated that he was wanting a shirt. Thankfully we had one left and his eyes lit up as he got a new shirt… a small act of kindness, to a world full of despair and need. I pray that God’s love was felt in that place…I pray they left knowing more about His goodness and Mercy. I hope that God will use that time in the community to bring the lost to Him.

After the feeding/distribution we were all tired and sweaty…we all jumped back into the jeepney and went to the orphanage for lunch. After lunch some of us went to pick up Layney from the hospital. Others went to shop for supplies for the orphanage. Others stayed behind to work on the chapel, the study area, the office, some benches, the basketball goal and the playground. There are lots of things still to do to fix up the orphanage and provide for the youth.

On Friday the team worked at the orphanage to attempt to complete all of their projects. They painted the walls in most of the orphanage, they bought shelving, items for the chapel, put down grass for the playground area, fixed the basketball goal, and did a lot of work to fix up the orphanage. During the day several left to go to the Metro because a lot of the kids at the orphanage are still in need of clothing and daily supplies. To think that the children were once living on the streets or in the trash…and are now in the orphanage hearing the Good News of Jesus Christ… and the team was buying them new clothes… but there is so much more going on; as the children are taking off of the old ways and putting on the new. Physically/literally but also Spiritually. At the end of the day, the team revealed to the children and staff at WHY that we purchased a washing machine for the orphanage. Linda (the Yaya) started crying tears of happiness. She shared with us that the inner part of her arms have bled many times from washing the children’s clothing. With the washing machine, her arms will no longer have to bleed….

On Friday, Sheryl and I went to Camotes. This is where the donated property for the building of the orphanage is located. We were able to walk the land and pray for what may be. What the future may look like. What God may be able to provide for the children of Cebu and of the Philippines. Our imagination ran just thinking of having our own school, chapel, basketball court, housing for the kids. We are just in prayer about it. We are dreaming and imagining what that would look like and be like if that was our home. The place where we will one day live in the future.

We wished Steve a happy return to Florida on Saturday morning and then headed to the jeepneys for our four hour journey to Boljoon.

When we arrived, the kids were SO excited. Many had never been to the beach before, they didn’t know how to swim. Most had never stayed overnight at a hotel/resort area. Their eyes told the story of their amazement. All of the kids were able to make it. Even the new ones!! We had Boo, Gigi, John Mark, Robi and Nemfa. We were complete!!

We spent the day playing in the beach with them, reading Bible stories to them, looking for crabs, cool rocks and just absorbing and loving our time spent with the kids. When we had our meal, we were all together at the same time. In the culture, typically the kids ate first and then the adults. But this time, we all had the same things offered. We were celebrating Robi’s birthday and they also celebrated my birthday early. It was a lot of fun to eat the same foods and sing the same songs and just have a time of union with the group and the kids. We then ended the night with a Bible study. Though it was late and the kids were tired; some even had a fever; the children sat there without making a noise. They were not restless, they were not complaining, they were there to learn about the Bible and they showed their respect to the pastor and to the team. I shared the story of Mephibosheth with the group. How that we all do not deserve grace, we only deserve death; but because of God’s goodness and grace towards us; He invites us to sit at His table. That we are all equally sinful…yet we are all equally redeemed. That we all, due to His mercies, sit at His table together and worship and experience His goodness.

More to come....

Peace, Dustin


Just a quick update on Layney who has been sick; she is now out of the hospital and doing much better.  Please continue to pray for her strength and health.  What a trooper this girl is!  She has been sicker than anyone of us and has complained the least.  She is precious!

Layney with Boo and Mary Grace

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


sweet precious Robi holding a pillowcase dress, her first dress

.....more later


Well, my favorite part of the trip last time,...may be my favorite part of the trip again this year.  On Tuesday morning when we arrived to the orphanage we packed up our salvation bracelets, and different visual material to share the Good News of Jesus Christ in the public schools.  Instead of riding a car or jeepney, we walked.  We walked down the road/paths that our kids take everyday at school.  Each step a reminder of the children who once were living on the streets; exposed to gang violence, sex and walking a different path.  The same kids who just a few days ago were singing worship songs to God, praying to Him and thanking God for his goodness and mercy.

As we walked we soaked in the culture, the smell, sounds of the street.  The process of crossing the road is certainly not the easiest of attempts.  The taxis and big service trucks go fast down the winding road but are fairly easy to flag down when you are passing....the motorcycles that whip in and out of traffic are the ones you always have to watch.  In a matter of 5 minutes (and yes this is by American pace) we were already at the high school.  It was only a 1/2 mile walk from the orphanage to the high school. 

As custom is, we met with the principal first and shared with her and prayed with her.  Then we were off to 4 high school class rooms.  We broke into 4 teams with Layney Bible, Bev Goodman, Gini Hoinaes and Cathi Armstrong as our presenters/speakers to the students.  As we walked into the packed classroom (an average of 60 in a class) all of the kids stood and stated in unison "good morning visitors".  (I wish you could hear the English with my Filipino accent but it just isn't in the cards)...   I would then do introductions of the team members, explain why we were there, ..razzle dazzle them with some Cebuano words... they would laugh and giggle at my poor attempts... and then the speakers would share the gospel using the salvation bracelets as a visual aid and their assistant team member would pass out the bracelets and be there for different types of support.  Most of the time the team had a Filipino stay behind to help translate what they were saying in case there were mistakes. 
We did the same process at the Elementary school that we walked to which was just another mile or less away.  Pastor Lemuel stayed with Layney. Pastor stated that after each of her presentations that he offered to anyone in the class room to indicate by showing of hand who would like to have a personal relationship with Jesus and who prayed with him the salvation prayer.    Pastor Lemuel stated that virtually all raised their hands.  So, we know that a minimum of 100 children boasted in putting their faith and hope in Jesus for the first time on Tuesday.  We know that a minimum of 500 children heard the salvation story/plan on Tuesday.  We know that most if not all of those children shared that story with their friends and family.  We don't know what God did in all of the hearts who heard the Good News... we can only pray.  But I can say that an eternal difference was made in the lives of many Filipinos on Tuesday morning.

After this we went to the orphanage to eat.  We had the head of a goat, some cow intestines and stomach and other local filipino dishes.  It tasted very good as gross as that may sound.  And yes.. this is true!

We then broke up into several different teams.  Most went shopping for different supplies/gifts for the new children coming to WHY.  The others went back to the home of Boo to bond and get to know her better and her sister Mary Grace who will be coming to the orphanage on Wednesday.

After the shopping and visiting; the team gathered together for prayer and worship with the kids in the orphanage.  After a few songs, the younger kids left to work on friendship bracelets, painting toes and other things while the older kids stayed behind with pastor Lemuel, myself and Melinda Tewell.  The pastor walked the older youth through the Bible explaining to them about Baptism.  The kids had many questions, one of the biggest questions were, if they get baptized will they no longer be Catholic.  Pastor explained to them that Baptism is an act of obedience to God and a reflection that you are a follower of Christ and Biblical teachings.  Pastor explained the symbolism of baptism and it is a proclamation of the gospel to all who witness it.  He was then very frank in sharing that it was a step away from the teachings of the Catholic church.  He also told them that if they did not have a personal relationship with Jesus that they would just be taking a bath.....that baptism is only for believers.  None of the older youth, (Jeraluz, Emily, Ronnellio, John Michael and Glen) indicated that they were ready for baptism...but they did not say no.  They requested to pray about it.  It was great to share and witness with the older youth about discipleship....and next steps with God!

On Wednesday we headed to DSWD (this is like DCS in TN).  There we talked with the officials about all the orphanage needs to do in order for our kids to be adopted, to go to the states in the Summer and Winter months, and our role in helping with child trafficking.  The officials stated that we are very near completing our licensing with DSWD and at that point we may then do our assessments of which children are eligible and needed to be adopted.  They gave us the process we need to begin in order for international adoptions as well, which is another certification process with ICAB.  Though this sounds kind of dry and boring... it is very exciting for our orphanage b/c the kids who can be adopted... well... can.  And we can continue to pour our heart and resources in those who remain to target ending the cycles of abuse and poverty.

After that meeting most of the team went to visit with another orphanage.  I stayed with Arnell to get some more items needed for the mission trip and do some more planning that is needed and necessary for the trip to be successful.  Sheryl will share more about that portion of the trip for the rest of the team and also about Layney.

We ended the night by spending time with the kids... which is always awesome.  We brought the girls in so they could pick 3 new dresses to wear.  They were so excited!  Our new girl, Mary Grace, just lit up as we gave her additional clothing... when she arrived she did not have anything.  now she has a bed, running water, a bathroom, clothes, enrolled in school, medical care (she has a bad cough), and so many other necessities that we take for granted.  words cannot describe that smile and the way she looked.  She is getting her Bible on Thursday as well.

So...please pray for our older youth who are making decisions on whether to be baptized or not.  Please pray for Layney and her health.  Please pray for our new children who we are rescuing that they will feel welcome and learn about Jesus Christ.  Please pray for today (Thursday) as we go to a poverty area where we will be doing a medical mission, giving clothes, cutting hair and meeting other needs... and of course sharing about Christ.

I appreciate all of the prayers and support!



Monday, July 11, 2011


As we step out of our vehicles onto a mound of trash in 90+ degree weather under the blistering sun, an older gentleman with the government turns to walk our way to see what a bunch of hillbillies from TN are doing in the trash dump.  Thankfully our Filipino friends have done their homework and talked to city officials to give us permission to come and visit the dumpsite area.  With permit in hand, the man gruffly responds that we cannot take any pictures; and allows us to walk along a half mile path that has been worn down by the residents and scavengers who live in the mounds of trash.  As we gather together our supplies of sandwiches, juices, candy, and books with the Word of God...the smells cause many of us (including myself) to cough and have a gag reflux.  Bev later shared that just last night she threw up over the smell of some trash in a trash can.  And now she is walking on mounds of trash that has been there for years, that has been rained on and been rotting for years.  A place that no one would logically ever go.... and would certainly never take their family to live.  Yet this is where at least a hundred families live so that they can have a place to sleep, raise their children and scavenge. 

After about 20 minutes or so of walking we walked past several dwellings that were constructed from some sticks and plastic we walked down a mound of trash we saw about 6 small homes; made out of similar material; and to the left of them, a basketball goal that has been constructed in the trash piles along with several more homes behind us.  Though most of the people were out working/scavenging...and some of the kids were in school; there were about 5 mothers and 20 children who came out to greet us. 

At least half of the children did not have shoes.

ALL looked malnourished. 

All of the kids appeared to have skin ailments and were either too skinny or were swollen because of some disease.

Several had less hair than they should due to some exposure to chemicals in the dumpsite.

But the mission team didn't miss a beat...they smiled and handed out sandwiches, juices, toys and candy in this place where there was destruction all around... a place of unimaginable poverty and neglect... a place where the city does not permit visitors due to child trafficking; and does not allow pictures due to conditions these people live in.  (We were able to sneak a few pictures that we will post later.)

One of the boys who lives in this dumpsite came out to greet us while wearing a red shirt, dirty from head to toe ... with a hope.  His name is John Mark; he lives across from where Ronellio used to live. Word has spread of how well Ronellio is doing in school, with his health and his relationship with Christ. 

John's parents scavenge in the trash for a living.  They live in the trash, with their family of 7, and as they raise their children in the trash, they teach them how to rummage and pick through the trash...they make a total of $1 a day to support and provide for their children... which means they cannot afford food; and definitely not any medical care.  They have no water, no electricity, no place to wash; so they go to school covered in trash each day...they need someone to help them. 

At this same area a little girl came to Sheryl and wrapped her small arms around Sheryl's legs.  Her name was Chowie.  As Sheryl and Cooper played with this little girl lifting her in the air she would giggle uncontrolably.  So precious!
They need someone to give about $3 a day so that he can be rescued from this pit of destruction and despair.  So that he can have a bath for the first time (he is 11 I think), to have shoes, to have more than just rice to eat, a safe place to sleep, a bed for the first time in his life, to go to school clean for the first time, to see a doctor and a dentist for the first time..and most importantly of all, to be able to see, hear, study and learn about Jesus Christ for the first time. 

The Rescue Ministries is not just a humanitarian effort.  We don't want to just provide a place for these kids to go...plenty of people do that.  We don't want to just hand out food or clothes, b/c they will get hungry again the the clothes will wear and tear.  We want to END this poverty, destruction and cycles of abuse by moving these children from the environments and getting them a college education so that can invest back into the lives of those from where they came. 

We want them to hear that Jesus Christ is their personal saviour so that they can personally share with their family members and classmates the Hope that lives within them. 

But they need someone to hear their cries... we have come from TN to share and provide this Good News about Jesus Christ... and we need others to help sustain that work by sponsoring a child who calls some plastic in the trash piles ..home.  I truly and sincerely can't imagine raising my son in this... will you respond?

So after we walked back from the dumpsite; we went and visited some more "candidates" for the orphanage.  They have similar stories of living in poverty; many HUNGRY for the Word of God.  Pastor Lemuel who is the pastor at the orphanage; requested that we fund a VBS for the children and families that we are unable to rescue so that they can be exposed to and learn the Word of God.  Of course I responded yes, I know this will be the heart cry for many in America....  We then visited with Nino; who recently left the orphanage.  When we saw him, he was thinner and it was clear that after leaving the orphanage his care has not been as good... it really bothered most of the staff to see him again...but he is too young to understand why he cannot be with his mother,   and his love for his mother is so strong... that though his circumstances are FAR worse where he is now...he is with his mother...and for now that is all that matters for him.  Please pray for the safety and welfare of breaks my heart to know that he is no longer at the orphanage...

After this experience the team went back to the orphanage to attempt to eat lunch.  After the sights and sounds it was difficult to think about eating a hearty meal that was provided..... around the table the team shared about their feelings and emotions from what they had seen and experienced...

After lunch the team broke up into 2 groups.  Most of the team went to see where the kids that currently stay at the orphanage came from...and to also meet a few more applicants.  The other smaller group went to visit with 5 of the other applicants.  We went to their small homes...and saw their parents..the kids were at school.  They all had sad stories and circumstances....but then... we came to see Boo..........

Boo, with her mom, dad and 10 siblings live in a home with no floor, only a large bamboo bed where they all try to fit...and 1/2 wind up sleeping on the ground.  Only dad was home when we arrived and he was filthy from fishing all day.  He left to go get his wife.... and while he was gone.. Boo came home; she looked to be about 4... with clothes clearly not her size (it was her younger sister's) she snuck into her home while we were talking and we heard some clanging.... a single pot laying in some ash was being she looked, she discovered that she did not have food...and she let out a pitiful sigh (to herself) and she shared with us she had not eatten in awhile.  so,... we of course gathered some money and provided the child with some crackers, cookies and a bunch of eggs... and she giggled and played.  Boo has a mischievious spirit and heart.  She will tilt her dirty little head and make faces...and stick out her tongue.. and declare how shy she is. 

When her mothered arrived....tears rolled down her face ... as she was coming she realized that she was about to have to say goodbye to 1 or 2 of her children.  She had to admit that she could not provide the food, the home, or the schooling that her children need to survive.  As she cried, Boo did not understand and was asking her mommy why she was crying..and was wiping her mother's tears.... to help mom understand how close the orphanage is to her home and what conditions her children will live in we asked Boo and her family to join us at the orphanage.  When they arrived their faces lit up.  To see how large the property was, how nice the beds are, the food, the clothing.... ... Gini took Boo to the side... and got her some shoes (she didn't own any) and she let out a squeal of joy when she had some on her feet.  Then Gini gave a pillowcase dress to this little girl who had never owned a stitch of clothing in her life... and her face glowed...she danced and ran in her new dress and shoes... her family couldn't conceal their joy and excitement...and we all knew that Boo and a sibling would be joining us some day soon. 

Gini has become very attached to Boo... and I am excited to see how their relationship will blossom. 

I am excited to know that Boo and her family got exposed to God's love and heart.. His desire to make ALL things new in our hearts and lives.  I cannot wait to share the Gospel with this family.

In all of the places we visited today...we provided some food, some clothes, toys, etc. etc... but in all, we prayed with the families, we walked into their homes... we were one. 

We shared God's love. 

My prayer is that the Holy Spirit will continue to work in their lives.  And as we show God's love that it will be magnified... and that He will receive all glory and honor for all that is done.. in and through their lives. 

The mission team... had an amazing long day.. and I am sure it will take them weeks to fully process what they experienced!  May we forever be changed...and may we never look at our resources and all that God has provided to and for us and take them for granted.  May we be more grateful... and use our time and resources more intentionally... to make God known around the World.


Sunday, July 10, 2011

Day 1

During the course of this mission the blog will be written by one or more people as often as possible. 

On Sunday morning the mission team was reunited at Wesley Home.  What a TREMENDOUS blessing!  The children are even more precious to me in person.  We had an opportunity to accomplish so much!

We enjoyed a wonderful service that combined the Filipino and American cultures.  After church we had a couple of hours to fellowship with each other and the children and staff of WHY.  Then lunch, volleyball and a welcome service for the WHY visitors (the mission team).  Afterwards the team split up to get supplies for the next couple of days and organize the supplies that we carried with us.

Overall the day was a wonderful time with faces full of love, the Holy Spirit and precious, precious people.  What could be better?

Thankful, Sheryl

So, being that the mission team of five (Melinda Tewell, Gini Hoineas,Megan Cooper, Cathy Armstrong, Bev Goodman and Cathy Armstrong) had been in the country for 2 more days before me, I was stoked to get some updates from them as to how things are going. They shared multiple personal stories of how they have observed the work ethic of the kids, the way they care for one another, the conditions of how they live (at the orphanage, we go today to visit their prior homes) has just challenged and changed their lives. Their World view is being changed... and when we as Christians begin seeing our WORLD through the eyes of Christ and not just our home, family or community... we are truly transformed in our thinking, lifestyle and beliefs. Suddenly people with different religous beliefs have faces other than the "bad guys" you see on TV. Suddenly a muslim is a child who lives on the street who is abandoned and needs to be shown love and grace...not judged and/or criticized. The team shared about seeing the Santo Nino who is an idol here in Cebu that most of the city prays to/through as an intercessor to God. They waited in long lines as mass was being given to get to see the Santo Nino up close and observe how the Filipino cries out to this doll behind a glass, holding their hands up at the glass, hoping and praying that this doll will somehow make their needs and prayers known to God. They know about Jesus, they know about Him coming to Earth as a baby, living a perfect life and dying and resurrecting so that they may have eternal life..but they just can't believe they can go directly to Him. That there must be an intercessor. That Jesus cannot be personal but a distant God... it is very overwhelming to see the lack of knowledge and evangelism that has been done for the city of Cebu which has (I think, I don't want to google it)..6 million residents. Think about all of the churches in Morristown/Jefferson City and the population. Pretty much 100% have access to the gospel and will be around a Christian no matter where they go. Now think about a city of 6 million where your entire family for generations has grown up believing one thing for years and years and years... and suddenly, out of grace..some white guy/gal comes from TN to tell you that what you have been taught is not totally accurate...and they spend a whopping 15 minutes sharing their heart and faith... as you the FIlipino, are you going to abandon all that you have seen and known your entire life bc of what some foreigner told you why standing in the trash? ... only if the Holy Spirit convicts and reveals..would be my answer... (wow this is a tangent)...but an important one. The team needs your prayers as they share their faith and walk with these folks and that the Spirit of God will go before them to reveal the Truth.
Peace, Dustin

Sorry no pics, I will get them up when we have a good connection.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Mission Team

The first half of our mission team is in the air headed to Korea right now.....

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

WHY News

Robi, our newest addition to Wesley Home for Youth is adjusting well.  She feels very accepted and loved by her house siblings.  Please continue to pray for her.

The officials already have about 10 more children approved and waiting to come to WHY. So many more children could be rescued, but financial support is necessary.  I am convinced that we have a BIG God, He already has the sponsors prepared and His timing is perfect. 

Our July mission trip will begin in about 24 hours, please pray for safety. Please also pray that God will prepare the hearts of those we will reach with the gospel.

Please check back often.  I will be posting lots of updates, pictures and info in the mission.

Thankful, Sheryl

Friday, July 1, 2011


Normally on Fridays I do a Word post from the Word of God.  Today I am including an important update just received from Wesley Home.

In the last couple of days a girl named Robi, 11 years old was rescued by The Rescue Ministries.  Robi has been orphaned TWICE.  First she was abandoned by her birth mother and was adopted by a Filipino family.  In December 2010 her adoptive father, Pedro, passed away.  Then in May 2011 her adoptive mother passed away.

After the burial of her mother, the siblings of Pedro put all of her things outside the house and padlocked the house so that Robi can't enter.  They believe that because she was the only child of Pedro it will be discovered that she is now the owner of the shanti house.  They do not want her to receive the money for the home if it is sold.

The extended relatives are not willing to care for her because she was adopted into the family and they believe she is not a true relative. 

Robi is dealing with serious trauma because of losing the only parents she has ever known.  Now she has been taken from her home without knowing why her relatives are treating her in this way.

Many dangerous people will have an interest in Robi because of the land and shanti home that she now owns.  Also gang rape is rampant and this child desperately needs to be in an environment where she will be protected.

Please pray for this child's emotional state and that she will feel safe and comfortable in Wesley Home. 


She will need the financial support and prayer support of a committed sponsor.

Be fair to the poor and to orphans.
Defend the helpless and everyone in need.
Rescue the weak and homeless from the powerful hands of heartless people.

Psalm 82:3-4