Monday, May 31, 2010

Life and stuff and a couple of updates

I apologize that it's been such a long time since I have made a post.  Life has been interfering.  But that's ok with me.  I would rather have a busy family full of life than to be alone in this crazy world.

During the past couple of day my friends and I have been reminiscing about our trip last summer to the Philippines.  My heart hurts that I can''t go again this summer but am excited to have such warm, fond memories of bonding with my mission team and the Filipinos I came to know.  I am also excited about God's purpose for my summer weeks.  I get to teach my children about everyday give and take, about respect, love and forgiveness.  I believe God also wants me to slow down a little and enjoy my children, they are growing up so quickly. 

As I reflect a little today and prepare for a fresh start with June I am praying that God will help me be disciplined.  I am aiming at keeping Him first in focus, falling more in love with my Savior and enjoying quiet time with Him each day.  It truly makes a difference in my life, my attitude, my level of patience with my children and my desire to reach out to others needing encouragement.

I also want to remind you about JolleyJolley is still in need of committed monthly sponsors.  Please consider sponsoring a child, start this month!  We need your support.

We are about half way to our $5,000 goal to fund the building for director's living quarters.  We have a donor who is willing to match dollar for dollar all donations up to $1,000.

Get involved today!

Friday, May 21, 2010


Psalm 85: 8-13

I will listen to what God the LORD will say; he promises peace to his people, his saints— but let them not return to folly. 

Surely his salvation is near those who fear him, that his glory may dwell in our land.

Love and faithfulness meet together;
righteousness and peace kiss each other.

Faithfulness springs forth from the earth,
and righteousness looks down from heaven.

The LORD will indeed give what is good,
and our land will yield its harvest.

Righteousness goes before him
and prepares the way for his steps.

Thursday, May 20, 2010


Thank you for continuing to visit and read this blog.  We truly appreciate our sponsors and donors IMMENSELY!  We are passionate about our mission in the Philippines and want to see God's work continue.

Our orphanage is a busy place these days.  Our Buddy (Arnel) has processed all paperwork for the children's enrollment in school for the next session.  They will begin again in June. 

Arnel has also hired a secretary/in-house teacher who is also a Social Worker.  Her employment with us is also helping with the government agency, DSWD (Department of Social Welfare and Development).  She will take care of paperwork for our orphanage facility, our ten children and help them with school work daily.  

Also interviews are in process for a Director.    We are in the process of raising the funds ($5,000) for the Living Quarters.  This needs to take place quickly so that we can get the Director in place soon.  Please pray about making a donation for this to be completed.  No amount is too little!

Although we are on the other side of the world, God is still very much at work in Cebu Philippines.  We are very grateful for a trustworthy friend on site in the Philippines and I am thankful that my God is not a man-made idol, but an omnipresent, omnipotent, loving God. 

Thankful, Sheryl

Monday, May 17, 2010


I have mentioned to you before about committments, sacrifice, giving.....but when I turn that toward myself....that's when it gets hard and real.  Although I believe in sacrificing and probably do it in some aspect everyday, true sacrifice is oh so difficult and for me, can't be done without Christ. 

For the past several months a mission team and I have been preparing plans, fundraisers and dreams for our summer mission to the Philippines.  We began this journey with 3 separate teams of about 40 people to accomplish 3 separate goals.  Those 3 teams turned into 2, then one.  

Meanwhile....the World Cup is being planned in South Africa and an oil spill has occured in the gulf.  Thus airfare has become ridiculous.  Now our summer mission which started with 3 teams has become only 3 people,  one of which is NOT me.  It would be easier to spend the money and just go, but that would not be what God has planned.  He doesn't want the money to be wasted on airfare when it can be invested in the children and the orphanage and the many needs there.

I am heartbroken, but I trust that His thoughts are not my thoughts, His ways are higher than our ways.  I want to go to those children and hold them and connect with them and know them and teach them and listen to them and LOVE them and show them my Jesus lives in my heart and can in theirs as well.  But it is not God's plan for me to go.  I must love them and pray for them from here.

But on the other hand I, my "sacrifice" is just not going, seriously?  I have never had to face the decision of giving up one child in order to feed the others like so many mothers in the Philippines.  I have never had to leave my family and go to the front lines of war to fight for freedoms to pray in public places or go to the church I choose....Am I really even sacrificing anything???

Pray as we discern God's will about some of the team members going in September when flights are cheaper.  And pray as I lean closer to God and learn His purpose for my summer.

Thankful, Sheryl

Friday, May 14, 2010


Proverbs 3:5-6
Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths straight.

Praying for courage and discernment today.  Praying, searching, listening, hoping.

Thankful, Sheryl

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


I am.

What words do I have to inspire you? 

I don't.

What eloquent devotion or wisdom do I have to impart?

Uhhh, no.

I just want to share.  Just be real with you. 

Friends, our days are filled to brimming with burdens and chaos and complaining and disobedience and busyness and harsh words and good intentions left undone and hate.  Knowing it takes 10 positives to undo 1 negative, it is concerning that we have such a negative world!  Think of what we are teaching the children in our homes and lives....What could we do to show our God's love for this world?  What could you do in your own little mapdot to shine for Jesus?  Smile, compliment kindness, notice beauty, recognize hard work, give, serve, love, be forgiving, be thankful, be patient....It takes so little time to be positive, be intentional about being so. 

That's what I'm thinking about today.....Unless God's hand is on my upcoming trip to the Philippines, I won't be able to go.  But fortunately over the past year I have grown and am trusting God with His plan for my summer and beyond.  If not the Philippines, then it will be Jefferson City.  I'm ok with that.  Just praying for guidance and a clear path to where I will serve this summer.  Maybe in my own home, I know I could be better at being a servant there!

Extremely thankful, Sheryl

Monday, May 3, 2010

Running on E?

How many times do you feel just empty? 

As a mother, wife, employee, committee chairperson, mission team member....I do much giving...these are the duties I am blessed with having.  I won't lie -- I dislike scrubbing the tub as much as anyone.  But God has blessed me with a home with running water and children to bathe. 

But when I feel tired and crabby empty, I can only go to God, His word, His encouragers for refueling.  We are so weak, but this causes us to need Him.  I don't mind to admit my weakness, I know I can be made strong in Him. 

Let's serve Him today - strong and FULL of His goodness and grace.

Thankful, Sheryl