Project Pillowcase

May 22, 2012

More dresses have come in!  Including what has already gone out around the world we are at a total of 275 dresses.  MORE THAN HALF WAY!

I'll admit I've been a bit distracted with filling the shipping container but finishing up the school year and ready to get busy sewing!

I hope you will stick with me on this journey and let's meet the goal of 500 dresses for this year.


My goal for Project Pillowcase this year is 500 dresses and we are well on our way to meeting that goal!

Already 75 dresses have been designated to travel to Guatemala and 35 dresses are headed to Honduras. Also, Mitch delivered 40 dresses to the Philippines during this trip.

So given those numbers we are at 150 dresses already and we are only half-way through April! Keep on sewing and sharing about this project with your friends.


Since I last reported on Project Pillowcase there have been some changes in scheduling of mission trips.  We were originally planning for April but that has been moved back to July 2012.  This gives us more time to get dresses finished. 

The deadline (ship date) for this round of the project is June 15!  Please feel free to email me if you need more information of have questions.

October 4, 2011

Project Pillowcase is gearing up again!  Another trip is being planned for April 2012.  Let's get busy gathering pillowcases, fabrics, ribbon and get sewing!  These dresses are so much fun to sew and a blessing to deliver to the little girls in need.

Me and a girl named Clarence picking the perfect dress for her

My goal for this round of Project Pillowcase is 450 dresses.

May 30, 2010
Hello Project Pillowcase friends!
I realized today that I hadn't updated this page to reflect the correct dates.  We will not depart until early July so the dresses don't have to be shipped until mid-June.  I would like to have all of the dresses on June 20 or so.  This allows me time to sort them by size and make sure they get packed appropriately.  You all are awesome for continuing with me on this journey.  To date dresses have been received from Tennessee, California and Nebraska!  It is so exciting to see your beautiful creations!  

November 10, 2010

Round up your fabrics and sewing notions ladies, it is time again for "Project Pillowcase!"  I am excited to get started a bit earlier this go round so that we can double the amount of dresses we send.  During September 107 dresses found little girls ecstatic to receive them.  Next summer I am aiming to send 214 dresses!  I can only do it with your help.  Some of you are super talented -- use your talents to help further God's kingdom. 

If you have boy's clothing that you would like to donate this is great too!  Please email me BEFORE you send it to make sure it is appropriate for climate and conditions. 

A tutorial is below, keep in mind any dress works for me as long as it is modest.  As a novice I am trying to broaden my sewing horizons, so I may venture to a new pattern this time.  Please email me at if you have ANY questions or to let me know you will participate.

My deadline is to have the dresses by June 1, 2011.  I will let you know if this date changes once airline tickets have been ordered.



After a lull in support this summer, we are heading into a month of raising funds and sponsorships with The Rescue Ministries. As we get back into the groove of routines and schedules in August maybe you are considering or praying about ways that you can become involved. I have started sewing pillowcase dresses to send with the September Mission Team. So many children in the dumpsite and on the streets do not have clothing and daily needs. So let's make them something! These dresses are simple to make and are very inexpensive. Wanna join me?

How about......

"Project Pillowcase"

I am looking for either pillowcase dresses or something different if you have greater talents with sewing.

I really need help with something for boys as well if you have any ideas.

Here is a link to a pillowcase dress tutorial.
Take it as you will, I do mine a little differently. I use grosgrain ribbon sewed in with the elastic on front and back top so that the ribbon won't come out. I do not embellish with rick-rack. I am just not that fancy.
Please ship your items to:
The Rescue Ministries
c/o Sheryl Gent
528 Forgety Road
Jefferson City, TN 37760

Thanks so much for getting involved.  All items should be shipped no later than September 1 to be included in the upcoming September delivery.  This project will continue however for delivery into the winter and next spring as well.

We are also in great need of committed monthly sponsors for the children at Wesley Home for Youth (WHY) if you are interested in helping financially. I hope you will visit our site:

Maybe you don't have time to sew or don't know how -- then you can support this project by providing supplies to people who can make these dresses. Here is a list of items needed for each dress.
1 pillowcase - standard, queen or king in good condition
bias tape (wide, double fold)
grosgrain ribbon, any color

If you have sewing talents maybe you could come up with your own pattern. Great! I am open to any type dress as long as it is modest in length and light weight (suitable for high temperatures).

Please contact me by email - if you are interested in participating in Project Pillowcase or want more information.

I hope you will join me or send a link to this blog to someone else who may be interested.