Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Street Kids

In June 2009 when I first visited the Philippines my heart was especially touched by the many children residing on the streets.

With R.J. in June 2009

It ripped my heart out every night as we drove through town and saw children sleeping on the sidewalks or near the pumps at gas stations.


Even when driving near the mall, tiny little children would come and literally press their faces to our windows....begging.

I still so often think of these precious souls.  Souls overlooked, abandoned.

God gave the opportunity for us to feed these two boys during the July 2011 trip.  The one on the left (R.J.)  has been living at the McDonalds for FOUR YEARS.  Every night he sleeps in a tiny little tree in front. 
My heart aches for them...SO MANY of them!

Please open your heart to this ministry.  EVERY cent you give goes directly to support children like these and rescue more.  We already have so many on the waiting list to come to Wesley Home where they can have a safe, loving environment, receive 3 meals everyday, get an education and learn about Jesus.

Thankful, Sheryl

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