Sunday, July 25, 2010

Project Pillowcase

After a lull in support this summer, we are heading into a month of raising funds and sponsorships with The Rescue Ministries.  As we get back into the groove of routines and schedules in August maybe you are considering or praying about ways that you can become involved.  How about......

"Project Pillowcase"

I have started sewing pillowcase dresses to send with the September Mission Team.  So many children in the dumpsite and on the streets do not have clothing and daily needs.  So let's make them something!  These dresses are simple to make and are very inexpensive.  Wanna join me?

Maybe you don't have time to sew or don't know how -- then you can support this project by providing supplies to people who can make these dresses.  Here is a list of items needed for each dress.

1 pillowcase - standard, queen or king
bias tape (wide, double fold)
grosgrain ribbon - 1-1/2 in or 2 in wide, any color

If you have sewing talents maybe you could come up with your own pattern.  Great!  I am open to any type dress as long as it is modest in length and light weight (suitable for high temperatures).  I am also looking for an idea for the boys if anyone knows of something simple.

Please contact me by email - if you are interested in participating in Project Pillowcase or want more information.

I hope you will join me or send a link to this blog to someone else who may be interested.

Thankful, Sheryl


mcbsbows said...

Hey babe, you know I am in! I missed the deadline for the other and I definetly want to help! Give me a cutoff date and I will have SEVERAL for you! Love ya and proud of you girl!

Sheryl said...

Toni Jill, Thanks for inspiring me! I would like to have the dresses or ANYthing you could contribute by September 1. I'm so excited about this.

Mama2Multitude said...

I saw your post through another page. I love to sew and would be glad to put together these dresses. Where do I send them?